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Pat Flynn: Taking the LEED exam

“It’s a lot of memorization and quite honestly was one of the hardest tests I’ve ever taken. I took this test for the first time back in 2007 and you know, me being a 4.0 student back in high school, always getting good grades, when I saw my first practice test came back with like 25% correct, I knew that this was one that I was going to have to put a little more effort into.” ~Pat Flynn on the LEED exam. […]

Amanda Bybee - Namasté Solar

Amanda Bybee of Namasté Solar

“I think it’s the most democratic (little d) form of energy because you can place it almost anywhere. Wind is great. Being in Texas, wind was super great. But wind is also a large-scale technology that you can’t make accessible to most people so I fell in love with it and it got into my blood. So as I like to say I may have studied liberal arts in college but I got in touch with my inner engineer afterward.” ~ Amanda Bybee, Namasté Solar […]

John Perlin
Lucas Dixon of Plug Smart
Bill Young, Florida Solar Energy Center retired

Florida’s Solar Energy Choice: Sunshine State vs. Status Quo

My guest today is Bill Young who was a senior research engineer at the Florida Solar Energy Center from 1990 to 2013.

Some of the bigger utilities are feeling that it’s cutting into their profits. Some of the bigger utilities feel that they should be doing it all and not anybody else just because that’s their mission in life and for their stockholders. They’re supposed to generate electricity so anybody else is competition for their marketplace. So you see some pushback. ~ Bill Young

But first I have something to share with you. […]

Lucy Stolzenburg, executive director, Texas Solar Energy Society

Solar Energy is Contagious

It’s an economic decision to go solar. And that federal tax credit that gives you 30% of a tax credit off the cost of your solar installation, that’s money that stays in Texas. That is money that stays in Texas and there were other people that were in the room when he said that and their necks snapped back and they were like “Oh, yeah.” It’s a decision. By 2014 there were 7,000 people involved in the solar industry in Texas and that’s a lot of people. ~ Lucy Stolzenburg


Karl Rábago: The full value of solar energy

My guest is Karl Rábago, Executive Director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center at Pace Law School in New York.

By the time the year 2000 came around I was more comfortable in my career and in that year 2000 my granddaughter was born. My first so far and only, but I actually remember realizing that with a little bit of luck and decent health care she would see the year 2100 and I knew I never would. And it gave me pause to think that everything I do will impact what her life is like a hundred years from now. ~Karl Rábago


Renewable Energy Podcast

Welcome to your Solar Tour: A Renewable Energy Field Trip

This isn’t your typical episode of Clean Power Planet. This is our solar tour episode. October is the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour month and they help local chapters and groups all over the country host solar tours so people can see solar systems on homes and other buildings where they live. If you couldn’t make it on a tour it’s okay. You can join me on the Lexington, Kentucky Solar Tour through the magic of radio (umm… podcasts). […]