Kentucky and the Clean Power Plan
Lisa Abbott of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Lobbying for Renewable Energy

CapitolAnnexA trip to the state capital for the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance Lobby day

Hi, My name is David Butler and this is the podcast for people that can’t wait to switch to renewable energy.

The show has three segments.

  1. I tell some odd story that has almost nothing to do with anything.
  2. I talk to someone who is doing something interesting with renewable energy.
  3. I give you an update on my midlife energy crisis project in which I try to pester people into helping me raise money to install solar panels on a low income home.

An Odd Story

I don’t consider myself an activist but when I was eight years old I did. I couldn’t remember all the details so I asked my Mom and Dad.

People Who Are Doing Something Interesting with Energy

Lisa Abbott of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Lisa Abbott gets everybody ready to talk to legislators about the Clean Energy Opportunity Act during KySEA’s Lobby day.

For this episode we took a trip to Frankfort, Kentucky, the state capital, for the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance’s Lobby Day. We listened to Lisa Abbott with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth give the group of volunteer lobbyists their marching orders before sending us off […]

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