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Pat Flynn: Taking the LEED exam

“It’s a lot of memorization and quite honestly was one of the hardest tests I’ve ever taken. I took this test for the first time back in 2007 and you know, me being a 4.0 student back in high school, always getting good grades, when I saw my first practice test came back with like 25% correct, I knew that this was one that I was going to have to put a little more effort into.” ~Pat Flynn on the LEED exam. […]

Ron Gehl - President EOS Research
Amanda Bybee - Namasté Solar

Amanda Bybee of Namasté Solar

“I think it’s the most democratic (little d) form of energy because you can place it almost anywhere. Wind is great. Being in Texas, wind was super great. But wind is also a large-scale technology that you can’t make accessible to most people so I fell in love with it and it got into my blood. So as I like to say I may have studied liberal arts in college but I got in touch with my inner engineer afterward.” ~ Amanda Bybee, Namasté Solar […]

John Perlin
Renewable Energy Podcast

Save Energy Washing Dishes

When you think about saving energy your first thought probably isn’t dishwashing but that’s where we’re going to start because it’s something you do almost every day, all year long and you can save some energy and money without spending a dime. Washing dishes by hand wastes energy Do you know someone who doesn’t trust Read more about Save Energy Washing Dishes[…]

Lucas Dixon of Plug Smart
Nick Holonyak Jr Inventor of the LED

Who invented the LED?

LED light bulbs are revolutionizing lighting. Everyone knows Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb but did you ever wonder who invented the first LED?

Nick Holonyak, Jr., Inventor of the LED

Nick Holonyak, Jr. was born in 1928 in Zeigler, Illinois. His parents immigrated from the Carpathian Mountains in an area that  is now in Ukraine but at the time it was at the eastern end of the Austro-Hungarian empire. […]

Lisa Iulo Penn State Architecture

Energy Efficient Modular Housing with Lisa Iulo

I’m really excited about today’s show. We’re going to explore modular homes and the importance of energy efficiency in making affordable housing affordable. My guest is Lisa Iulo, an Associate Professor of Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University.

The homes were solar powered and self-sufficient and everyone got around, of course, in hovering vehicles and things like that. So I guess childhood visions catch up to you at some point in your reality whether it’s intentional or not I guess. ~Lisa Iulo


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