Electricity! This is Magical Stuff

by Damian Pelster
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Solar Arrays

Sunny Boy 1 and Sunny Boy 2. Damian’s first and second solar array

My wife and I moved to Kentucky from California shortly after the birth of our only child, Audrey. My wife originally hails from Northern Kentucky, and most of her close family still live in the area. She wanted our daughter to grow up near family, I wanted her to grow up in a setting with a few more trees and a lot less concrete.  I’m lucky enough to have a job that is in demand nationwide, and my wife secured an early retirement. We packed our bags and left a modest home in a subdivision for a larger home on 14 acres in Kentucky. Even though California is currently known to have a high rate of solar penetration (well over 100,000 residential arrays and counting), I don’t think that coming from there really had anything to do with our decision to build our first solar array. The truth is probably that I am an insatiable tinkerer. A backyard experimenter. Inspector gadget.  I was that kid who would take apart mechanical objects and put them back together just to satisfy my curiosity about the mystery of how they worked. And the biggest mystery of them all? Electricity! This is magical stuff! A force that powers many of the objects that we take for granted every day. A force that allows us to live in the method to which we’ve grown accustomed, but how many people truly understand it? I certainly didn’t as a child. But with electrical power being at the center of the creation of most of the tools, devices and comforts that surround us, it was the one thing that has always fascinated me. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise then that I found myself in a career as a lineman for a large publicly traded utility company. This is an interesting career choice as a strong renewable energy advocate at this point in history, but maybe we’ll talk more about that later.

As a person who generally can’t sit still for too long, landing in Kentucky with 14 acres of elbow room felt almost like being reborn, and unleashed some type of pent up desire to build and experiment and create…………..well……..anything that I set my mind to. At some point while in the process of configuring our home and property the way we wanted it to be, building fences, remodeling bathrooms, learning to weld aluminum and steel, it came to me: Energy […]